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In Agreement 1lo.jpg

In agreement with Dance4, 2021

We invited informal stakeholders to arts organisations for an evening of misguided tours, Q&As, ghosts, headbanging and disco lights. The events end with all of us giving a toast, and articulating our conflicting visions for the institution's future.

Photo by Adam Grainger. Sound design by Gareth Cutter. Made with funding from Chisenhale Dance Space, Dance4, Arts Council England, TECHNE.

Letters of Resignation, 2021

A postal choreography course with Siobhan Davies Studios about quiting. We commissioned five artists and thinkers to make prompts about leaving the artworld and embracing other forms of organised/collective practice. We ended the course by producing a digital zine that shared some of these materials more publicly.

Image of a work by My Dads Strip Club. Project funded by Siobhan Davies Studios (through the Cultural Recovery Fund) and TECHNE.

11 ange_edited.jpg

Can You Feel It?, 2019

We made a stage performance with lighting designer Alex Fernandes about the performance of feeling – the look and texture and taste of 'real' feeling, for ourselves and an audience. It starts with us having a long tantrum. At one point we pretend to give birth. Sara Ruddock wrote a text about it, and Anika Vajagec made a short video response.

Photo by Jemima Yong. Made through residencies at PACT Zollverein and DanceXchange, premiered at Rich Mix, with funding from Arts Council England.

As If Nobody's Watching, 2019

Our first solo exhibition of print, collage and sculpture at four/four in Nottingham. At the heart of the exhibition was Been There, Done That, a table stacked with free t-shirts bearing the image of a figure hiding behind cloth. The exhibition initially arose as a response to a text by The White Pube encouraging young artists to document fake exhibitions in order to bulk up their CV. It ended up being an attempt to bridge the international dance biennial Nottdance with Nottingham's grassroots art scene.

Photo by Adam Grainger.

Radio Play (SDD 2) (insta).jpg

Radio Play, 2017-2019

Over a couple of years we ran an infrequent and independent radio station, in which we invited friends around the world to share their work. Each broadcast was sprawling but full of diverse and fun work.

We loved it. You can listen to all the past broadcasts here.

First developed at Summer Lodge 2017, Nottingham Trent University.

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