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Cha cha cha cha cha are an arts collective who have been trying to make interesting things happen (performances, publications, events, videos, workshops, exhibitions, encounters, etc.) since 2013. 

We live in Nottingham and London. Sometimes we set up our own things, sometimes we work in institutions.

Cha cha cha cha cha is composed of Rohanne Udall and Paul Paschal. Current and regular collaborators include: Shivaangee Agrawal, Sepideh Ardalani, Megan Arnold, Sonia E. Barrett, Laura Burns, George Chinnery, Paud Condron, Gareth Cutter, Jane Francis Dunlop, Fionn Duffy, Andrew Edwards,
Bahar Fattahi, Anna Hughes,
Mira Kautto, Ash Kilmartin,
Amy Lawrence, Cannach MacBride,

Hamish MacPherson, Sam Pardes, Lara Pawson, Orley Quick,

Rajni Shah, Anastasia Shin,

Eunji Sung, Rebecca Wigmore,
and Jemima Yong.

We are currently interested in: ambition, bookmaking, demons,  holding office, hosting, moral rhetoric, painting, poetry, pretence, ugly feeling.

Some of our ongoing projects include:

Two Hander (2019-), a new play by Andy Edwards. Chekhovian cliché meets sci-fi epic, through an opportunistic re-envisioning of the 'script reading'.


Demonology (2020-22), a book on demons and our most unflattering selves. Twenty collaborating artists, poets and performers living around the world have written texts to accompany a series of linoprints.


- We move in close circles (2019-), a performance for domestic spaces exploring over-hosting and weaponised care, made with Sam Pardes and Orley Quick.

- Thoughts and Prayers (2020-23), an exhibition of print, video, sculpture and embroidery questioning the anxieties and aspirations of holding public office.

- Better Out Than In (2023), a book of off-cuts and mistakes, documenting ten years of collaborative practice.

Choreography as curation as hosting (2020-24), a PhD project at the University of Roehampton and Sadlers Wells Theatre.

Recent/forthcoming dates of public activity include:

- Residency, S'ala, Sassari, Italy, 26.10.22 - 16.10.22.

- Two Hander work-in-progress performances:

Glasgow, National Theatre of Scotland. 21.10.22. RSVP by email.
London. Old Diorama. 30.10.22. RSVP by email.
Nottingham. Nonsuch Studios. 04.11.22. Book tickets here.


- Use it or Lose It, at Past Works Recycling Plant, Camden People's Theatre, London. 13.11.22.

- Performances of We move in close circles, London and Nottingham, Winter '22/Spring '23, TBC.​

Demonology publication launch, Nottingham, Spring '23, TBC.​

We will also be celebrating our 10th birthday party in Spring '23 in London. Obvs, you're all invited. More info when we have it.

You can email us at rohanneudall[at]me[dot]com and


Download a portfolio of our work here, or It's Not a Competition, a collection of all the applications we have written.

The portrait of us on this website's frontpage was taken by Hamish MacPherson.

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